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These dog portraits reflect the individual spirit of each canine friend. The fine art prints are for sale worldwide from the shopping cart. Artist/photographer Diane Chandler has spent 42 years breeding and showing Afghan Hounds. She has trained all breeds of dogs for the last 20 years. Her depth of knowledge and keen appreciation of dogs, combined with her studies of Art, give her an artistic insight into each dog's beauty. Additional information can be found at www.clixworld.biz

The Dog Portraits can be purchased using the shopping cart icon. The large semi-transparent watermark across the image will not appear on your purchased print. Each print does have a small digital signature of the artist. Prints can be matted and framed from the shopping cart area. You will be delighted with the quality of the print, the matting and framing, and the quick easy service. Enjoy!
Cosmo PortraitAsherBorder Terrier fine art printRocketPiper Portrait of a BrittanyAddy - Portrait of a Golden RetrieverBuddyAddy and BuddyJoie de VivreDixieWrigley PortraitAsher 2Addy 2Shiba Inu Fine Art Print for saleJake - Portrait of a Shiba InuLilly 4Princess Suzie QSiberian Husky 1